Feeling: 2013/11/11*

Elk Image

I miss my best friend

Feeling: disconnected

I’ve been thinking about New York City … a lot

Feeling: excited

I wish I could get my finances under control

Feeling: anxious

I just want to go somewhere new

Feeling: stir-crazy

I am really enjoying re-connecting with L

Feeling: comfort

My dad is my favorite person right now

Feeling: loved

Little Miss A has stolen my heart

Feeling: blessed


currently (2013.01.26)


digging: one photo scrapbook layouts

drinking: decaf coffee with too much sugar

eating: chocolate covered blueberries

listening: you send me by sam cooke (really digging 50’s music lately)

wearing: my feather necklace and soft white sweater

reading: lots and lots of blogs

feeling: slightly stressed out and a little lonely

weather: mild winter evening, a little windy

wanting: to really get in to scrapbooking again

needing: a vacation, and to see my best friend

wishing: the answers i’m looking for would show up and be crystal clear

thinking: i should spend more time with my mom and dad

enjoying: the e-course i am a part of right now

loving: instagram, more and more every day