this is my church*


every moment in this place is a gift.

the early morning quiet, to the dinnertime chaos

the steam rising from a cherished mug, to the clinking of an etched wine glass

fires crackling, and smoke swirling in to the deep midnight sky, singing until the wee hours of the morning

crawling in to the most sacred of spaces, a bed that smells like fabric softener and a warm spring breeze

the laughter of two people that have been so in love with each other for over 4 decades, and knowing that the sound of their voices will always be one of the most beautiful sounds you have ever heard … and also knowing one day, it will be the sound you long for most

rising before the sun and watching it slowly creep above the enormous tree line to watching the layers of stars twinkle, dancing with the northern lights

there is no other place on this earth that holds so much of my gratitude, that gives me so much faith

in moments of chaos, and moments of quiet … this, this is my church


a conversation*


” i have no agenda to push, no “right way” to advocate. i am interested purely in the conversation” -Annika Martins

this is what this is, what i want (maybe even need) it to be. a conversation …

between the universe and i.

between my soul and i.

between the parts of what make me whole, and this for sure, i know i am. i was born whole and will remain that way … the universe (god/goddess/all-knowing and all-loving) doesn’t give you something and then rip it away. it’s all there for you, from day one. bits of treasure to unearth.

if it resonates, pick it up, put it in your pocket and carry it always.

if it doesn’t, thank it for the lesson, and with love and gratitude, send it on its way.

open your eyes, your ears, your mind, your heart … listen.

and enjoy the conversation.