30 before 30*










this is it … the last year of my twenties. I plan to make it a good one!

Every year on my birthday, I make a list. Things I want to do, places I want to see; all within the next 365 days. Do I ever finish everything on my list … rarely.

But I always have good intentions!

This year I am sharing my list with the hopes of trying just a little bit harder to finish it. I’ve also heard that when you put your wishes out in the universe, it conspires to make them come true…

30 before 30*

  1. finish my heritage scrapbook album
  2. learn to waist hoop
  3. complete 30 scrapbook layouts in my personal scrapbook
  4. go somewhere new
  5. go on a road trip*
  6. spend a week in the mountains*
  7. take another of Susannah’s e-courses
  8. learn to speak Italian (very basic Italian)
  9. stop drinking soda
  10. grow tomatoes
  11. finish the first draft of my novel
  12. get a tattoo
  13. get my finances under control
  14. buy my first home
  15. cook 10 new dishes
  16. finish my¬† “forgotten” photo book
  17. make at least 5 Christmas Gifts
  18. take myself on 12 photo-dates
  19. buy a special item from Anthropologie
  20. add 12 fabulous pieces to my wardrobe
  21. learn how to crochet
  22. go to a concert
  23. go see a play
  24. go to Paris
  25. finish my nyc scrapbook (both trips)
  26. fill 3 journals/vision books
  27. go to a pumpkin patch
  28. take a class (cooking/photography/scrapbooking … something fun!)
  29. be open to love
  30. spend as much time with miss A. and her mama as possible

on fierce love and heartache*

fierce love

be fierce in your love, and gentle with your judgements…

I do my best everyday to live by these words.

They have been with me so long that I feel they are etched into the heart of me, into my very soul.

I have great respect and reverence for these words.

They have caused me great heartache (because when you love fiercely and it doesn’t work out, or the love isn’t returned, it hurts. Terribly.).

The have also brought me unconditional and soul shaking joy, and that outweighs the heartache every time.