30 before 30*










this is it … the last year of my twenties. I plan to make it a good one!

Every year on my birthday, I make a list. Things I want to do, places I want to see; all within the next 365 days. Do I ever finish everything on my list … rarely.

But I always have good intentions!

This year I am sharing my list with the hopes of trying just a little bit harder to finish it. I’ve also heard that when you put your wishes out in the universe, it conspires to make them come true…

30 before 30*

  1. finish my heritage scrapbook album
  2. learn to waist hoop
  3. complete 30 scrapbook layouts in my personal scrapbook
  4. go somewhere new
  5. go on a road trip*
  6. spend a week in the mountains*
  7. take another of Susannah’s e-courses
  8. learn to speak Italian (very basic Italian)
  9. stop drinking soda
  10. grow tomatoes
  11. finish the first draft of my novel
  12. get a tattoo
  13. get my finances under control
  14. buy my first home
  15. cook 10 new dishes
  16. finish my  “forgotten” photo book
  17. make at least 5 Christmas Gifts
  18. take myself on 12 photo-dates
  19. buy a special item from Anthropologie
  20. add 12 fabulous pieces to my wardrobe
  21. learn how to crochet
  22. go to a concert
  23. go see a play
  24. go to Paris
  25. finish my nyc scrapbook (both trips)
  26. fill 3 journals/vision books
  27. go to a pumpkin patch
  28. take a class (cooking/photography/scrapbooking … something fun!)
  29. be open to love
  30. spend as much time with miss A. and her mama as possible

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