mirror image*


“i honestly don’t understand how you and (insert name of a friend here) became friends. they’re so not like you …”

i cannot tell you how many times i have heard the very same phrase from so many different people (friends, family, loves, co-workers). i can honestly say that i have probably heard it from everyone that i have introduced to a different social circle in my life. they’re so not like you…

mostly, i just smile and shrug it off. but lately, this statement has been hitting a nerve with me. not necessarily in a bad way, but more in a wake-up-and-pay-attention way.

i would like to think that i am an open book, out there for the world to see type of person. i would like to think that i don’t hide any of my personality for anyone, that i am a take it or leave it kind of gal. what do each of my social groups see, that I am not seeing …

after a few days of digging and thinking and ranting and raving, i believe i have come up with the best answer i could possibly come up with. I don’t think i hide or censor myself, I think a specific part of me comes out in each circle. all of the bits and pieces that make me who i am are still there, one just has the opportunity to come out and be the dominant feature. i think that feature is brought forward by the people i am surrounded by.

acting/college friends = social butterfly, a little loud, bright and bubbly

family = bubbly, happy and wickedly funny, but can be somewhat sensitive

co-workers = positive and confident

high school girls = the peace keeper, the confidante

best friend = a combination of all of the above, mixed in with a bit of problem solver and great listener

i think i am a mirror image of my friends, of what i see in them. i don’t hide, i reflect. in that reflection i grow and find new ways of making deeper connections with the ones i love most